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Learn More About Our Participants

S.T.E.M. Vanguards provides specialized educational services for children while engaging the whole family in fun and learning! See what some of our current and former participants have to say about our staff, our competition, and how rewarding becoming a member of our organization can be!

Participant's Testimonials

The Lee Family

“Brandon had an opportunity to participate in a STEM science exhibit when he was only three years old! His project was to demonstrate how potential energy of hot wheel cars get converted into kinetic energy as they raced down ramps of different slopes. He was able to comprehend the concept that the higher starting point, the faster and farther various cars traveled. He had a great time collecting data, putting together the posters, and presenting his experiment. Even more exciting was that STEM Vanguards was able to set it up the Expo at the Reuben H. Fleet Space Museum. We were super thrilled to be able to introduce Brandon to science at a young age. Many kids from the preschool participated with projects such as volcano eruptions, and making salt crystallize into jewelry, and everyone was super enthusiastic. I think the best thing that came out of it was that kids got to learn how to think creatively and to present their work. I saw how proud the kids were to show off their projects. I definitely hope that more opportunities like this will be available to kids of all ages.”

The Joshi Family

How the project impacted your family?

“Participating in STEM Vanguards Project gave us (the entire family) an opportunity to sit down together as a team and work towards a common goal, something we had never done before. We were able to share and challenge ideas while keeping the project goal in mind. Having completed this project, we have learned more about how to work with one another, a skill that we will need all our lives.”

As a parent what you learned about your child's learning style.

“My son showed great interest in counting / measuring throughout the project, something I had not noticed before. I have been observing an increased curiosity in learning about numbers and mathematics since, and I hope that I am able to continue to cultivate that in the coming years.”

How you feel the project would prepare him for his later years in school?

“Participating in STEM Vanguards, stem project, gave my son the confidence to explore, discuss and share his ideas with his peers / teachers. I am hoping that this early exposure to experimentation and questioning the obvious will help him stay interested in science and technology as he advances in school and beyond.”

“We enjoyed re-using my kid’s toys for the project, something I will definitely recommend everybody. Using the toys and tools at home allowed my kid to stay focused on the topic and not get too carried away with new material / equipment. Finally, don’t forget to have fun together.”

Neel's Presentation

The Silva Family

"Our family attended the S.T.E.M. Vanguards science fair in June. Our Three-year-old son, Elijah was given the opportunity to present his project of the solar system and explain Newton's law of gravity. Our family had a wonderful time watching the other children present their projects. The staff was warm, engaging, and very enthusiastic. The science fair concluded, and each child was presented with a certificate of participation and a bag of goodies including S.T.E.M. toys and tickets to various museums in San Diego! I would highly recommend and encourage families to participate in this program! Our family is planning on attending each year for as long as possible. A huge thanks goes out to S.T.E.M. Vanguards for providing an early opportunity for our child to explore science."

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Thank you and Congratulations Enzo!!

Professional Development Training Testimonials

Dr. Grimble provided such an engaging opportunity for providers to "STEMify" their daily routines and physical environments. Moreover, her energy was contagious and their generosity in providing raffle prizes truly amazing!

Gina Gianzero - Director for Diamond Educational Excellence Partnership (DEEP)

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